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About Us

I wish I could just say that I woke up one day with the fabulous idea to create Distress Junkie but I can't. In June of 2018, I was invited to an fashion event. To avoid the anxiety filled field-trip to the mall, I began to search throughout my closet. After five rounds of pairing this and that up, I settled on a army vest and some matching army boots. The style was perfect for the projected weekend rainy forecast. The vest and boots complimented the style I had in mind but, something was missing. A light bulb went off and I immediately ran to a local craft supply store. After purchasing some white fabric paint, I dashed home with hopes to create the look that was impatiently waiting to exit my head. I begin to paint "I decide my vibe" on the back of the vest. If your wondering why I choose that phrase its simple. Never give anyone or anything the permission to decide how you feel. Upon finishing my Picasso of vest, I accidentally splashed paint on an unintended portion of it. I was mortified to say the least. I stood in shock for roughly three minutes. In that moment, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade. I begin to splash paint throughout the entire vest and was astounded by the finish product. The next day I went to the fashion event and received a boat load of compliments. Just as the event was over and I began to exit, someone asked me where did I purchased my vest from. One week later, on July 5, 2018 Distress Junkie was born. When we initially launched we sold only custom women distressed apparel. Distress Junkie has now expanded to kids and men custom apparel. Two weeks after launching, we rolled out our "Lets Build A Tee" collection. The response from this collection was absolutely phenomenal. Customers were floored by the ability to be able to come to our site and build a t-shirt from scratch. You can go to "Lets Build A Tee" on our homepage, select your shirt size, follow the prompts and just like that; you have built a t shirt. All of our merchandise are passionately designed with the highest quality of material and products. Our customers are creative, highly imaginative, and love the ability to paint outside the lines. Depending on the item, it may take up to two hours to complete and a twenty four hour window to dry. Distress Junkie is happily operated inside of a family sun room. Our staff consist of three workers, a designer, painter, and a administrative assistant; which are all of me by the way. Who would have thought that accidentally splashing paint, would turn into a profitable business. Distress Junkie has made its mark in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. As of now our company is online based only. Our goal is to eventually open up a physical location to provide our customers with a more hands on experience. We invite you to explore our site and create a fashionable keepsake that will last a lifetime!